Can I install a home entertainment system myself?

Yes, the simplest installations involve setting a TV on a stand and hooking up the component cables following the instructions. The types of installations we do usually involve mounting a television on a wall or ceiling, running wires through existing walls to hide them, installing speakers, putting together the electronic components that make it all work, programming remote controls and much more.

What can I do if my wife doesn’t want the clutter of a TV stand and all the electronics? Can you hide everything but the TV?

Yes, you can hide everything. With a radio-frequency universal remote control you can control all of the equipment hidden out of site in a cabinet, a closet or even the basement.

Can you even hide the TV?

Yes, we can hide your television and more. See examples of televisions hidden behind mirrors, paintings or cabinets.

How much wire will I have to run for a 12 by 18′ room with a TV, DVD player and a surround system?

A room of this size will require a minimum of 250 feet of three different types of wire.

Can I use a $20 universal remote to run my home entertainment system?

Yes, you can use an inexpensive universal remote if you don’t mind having all of the electronic components in sight of the remote (within 25′). Also plan on spending a couple of hours getting the programming to work. But why use a dollar-store remote to operate your high class components? We use and recommend more advanced professionally programmed remotes. A radio-frequency universal remote will work through walls with a range of up to about 100′ and can be programmed to have many more functions. These modern remotes make it very easy to operate a home entertainment or home theater system and are well worth the investment.

I bought an expensive High Definition TV (HDTV) but the picture doesn’t look as good as it did in the store. What’s going on?

Here are some of the common causes for not getting a good HDTV picture. If the HDTV is connected to the incorrect source, the TV or satellite box is not HDTV compliant, you haven’t subscribed to an HD service, the connections are bad or the wrong wiring is used, you will may not get a good high definition picture. Any or all of these will degrade the picture.

Do I need to spend thousands of dollars on my speakers?

No, most people do not need to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for speakers. Good quality speakers (not the cheap stuff you find for a few tens of dollars on the internet but not gold plated either) that are well placed will give you clear theater-like sound. Speakers always sound different in the showroom but the difference between price ranges may not show up in the typical installation. Speakers in a home will sound different even room to room. That’s why we are happy to help you choose speakers and systems that match your budget and your home. If you really want the really high-end sound, we can help you too.

Can I install a flat screen TV over my fireplace?

Yes, it is usually possible to mount a TV above a fireplace but the mounting considerations are considerable for working fireplaces. You will need electrical power and anywhere from 4 to 8 low voltage conductor pairs to supply the various audio and video inputs. See some of our example professional installations.

Does it matter where I install my plasma TV or LCD TV?

When choosing a television and the location it is wise to consider viewing comfort and picture quality along with the normal lighting in the room. Some types of televisions perform better in different conditions. The optimum viewing location (height, angle and distance) depends on many factors. We are happy to help you with all these design choices.

What is the best way to display my system?

If you want to show your system off, get a stand or rack that will display the components and hide all the wiring. Most people that we talk with want to hide everything because it takes up space and interferes with the decor. We can help you either way.

I like to watch the news in the morning while I’m getting ready. How can you help me?

We can install a television in your bathroom, your bedroom and your kitchen not to mention anyplace else in the house you want one. We use mounting systems that can flip up, flip down and swivel so we can give you television anywhere. Our advanced remote systems allow you to put the components out of the way.

Can I buy my own TV and have you install it?

Yes, you can buy your televisions or any or part of your entertainment system anywhere you want. We can install any brand. We can also help you select the right components for your needs. At the same time, why pay retail? We can often get everything you want at a discount. Give us a call.

I’m building a new home. When should I plan for the entertainment system and/or whole-house system?

The best time to talk with us about installation in a house you are having built is during the design phase. The second best time is during the framing of your new home. It makes it much easier to run the hundreds or thousands of feet of wire before the drywall or other wall coverings are in place. If your home is already built, we can still do a great job for you. Be careful of accepting an offer by an electrician to pre-wire your home entertainment or whole-house system. They often do not run adequate wiring for the final system design. We work with home owners, designers and architects during the planning and design phase to produce the best possible result for the best value.

Can you install outdoor speakers and televisions so we can enjoy the nice weather on the deck or by the pool?

Yes, we can install weatherproof televisions, speakers and remote controls outside. You can enjoy a great media experience outside.

Can I convert an existing room into a home theater?

Yes, we can transform almost any room into a home theater or media room.

Can I build a new room for a first-class home theater?

Yes, this is more involved but you can be as creative as you want to be and build the theater of your dreams.

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