Buffalo RiverWorks TV Installation

Check Out This 22 Foot LED TV!

Owner & Founder Jay Park talks about the installation of the Largest LED Television in Western New York at Buffalo RiverWorks.

A 20 Footer

With a capacity of upwards of 15,000 people, Buffalo RiverWorks is a one of a kind facility. Featuring concerts, roller derby, curling, ice skating, the venue receives quite a few sets of eyeballs. Those eyeballs need something to look at, so working with RiverWorks, we installed a 20 foot full LED television.

25 Feet Up

Weighing almost 2 tons, the TV hangs about 25 feet high. How many television installation companies do you trust to hang a 2-TON TV 2.5 STORIES HIGH? RiverWorks trusted Park Place Installations with the task, and we are so proud of the job.

20 More TVs

Along with the 20 footer, Park Place also installed an additional 20 televisions that feature the capability of all running on separate feeds. This is another example of how we can integrate multiple sources; multiple cable boxes, digital feeds, digital signage, all controlled from a touchpad.

For More Information on Television installation in Buffalo NY, Please Don’t Hesitate to Call Park Place Installations.