Whether you need to update your home theater system, wire some speakers out to the tiki bar by the pool, or just have some technical difficulty with your current equipment, Park Place installations out of Buffalo NY can help.

Our team of experienced technicians can execute any need you may have when searching for the right surround sound installer. Any service you could think of in the realm of audio entertainment technology can be done by the guys at Park Place Installations.

Music lover in the house? Listen to your favorite artists the way they were intended to sound with top industry products. More than one music lover in the house? Integrate smart home automation and control to create a multi room audio distribution system. Hiring a surround sound installer like Park Place Installers allows you to experience the benefits of the experience of your equipment, without the hassle and frustration of self installation.

If you’re looking for an experienced, trustworthy surround sound installer in or around Buffalo NY, contact Jay and his seasoned technical team at (716)-472-9904.