Park Place Installations provides only the best brands of security systems in the industry. Whether you’re thinking about protecting your home and family, or looking for commercial security systems for a property or retail location, Park Place can help you integrate the best systems available. Here are some of the top brands in the security system industry that we use for our clients. 

Our task is to give you the functionality and professional appearance that you need for your business. We’ll help you design for exactly what you need – no less and no more!

Let us Maximize the Appearance, Efficiency, and Dependability of your Business

  • HDTV’s for Waiting Areas or Offices – communicate visually to your clients and staff
  • Smart Conference Rooms – increase your productivity while looking professional
  • Communication Systems – advanced telephone and conferencing systems to communicate worldwide
  • Complete Lighting Controls
  • Building Controls and Automation
  • Security Cameras – peace of mind for your business and loss prevention

Smart Conference Room Features

  • Integrated computer systems
  • Computer-driven projectors disappear automatically when not in use
  • Bright projection screens disappear with the touch of a button
  • Automated lighting to set the scene with the touch of a button
  • Video and audio conferencing anywhere in the world

One call installs it all