Huddle Space Installation Buffalo

With the widespread use of digital communication via multiple devices and locations, it’s not difficult to see why “Huddle Rooms” or “Huddles Spaces” are increasingly being implemented by small businesses, colleges, and big corporations.

What is a Huddle Space?

 If you’ve worked in a business or corporate setting, or attended college in or around Buffalo NY, chances are you’ve already been in one. A huddle space is nothing more than a small gathering place for groups or individuals to collaborate in a group setting, with technology available to ease information sharing and creativity.  Schools such as Buffalo State College have started implementing them as “Smart Classrooms,” where each table is set up as its own huddle space, integrated with adjacent tables and ultimately the instructor’s’ station at the head of the classroom.

With today’s technology advancements, it’s integral to have the most up-to-date inputs, devices and connectability to establish a collaborative environment that huddle rooms and/or smart classrooms offer.  Park Place Installations’ experience in huddle room installation can transform existing work spaces into high-tech huddle rooms for establishments that want to foster and improve communications, efficiency and workflow.  

What Makes Up a Huddle Room?

Each huddle room or huddle space varies depending on the unique needs, preferences or demands of the establishment using them.  Most versions share some commonalities in equipment — software and hardware.  They typically include some version of display screen (LCD or LED) mounted against a wall to make the best use of available space.  This enables anyone to simply plug in to the screen to display notes or a presentation, or work together on a larger screen.

A central workspace or table with chairs is set up around the the screen with space for individual computers.  Also, a camera and/or microphone is usually established to communicate with remote participants not in the room.  The relatively low cost and propensity to foster focused and collaborative work have increased the advantages of and demand for huddle spaces. With as much video conferencing and remote communication happening already, it is easy to see a future of groups meeting through huddle spaces from opposite sides of the globe.

So What Are The Benefits?

Enhanced communications

In lieu of conference rooms that often force participants to communicate across the length of a given room, huddle rooms intrinsically bring all participants together, fostering intimate communication and a cohesive work space.  The increased intimacy they create for smaller groups fosters an involved environment where people are easily engaged, stay on task and remain more attentive.  Work environments that are collaborative in nature increases employee retention rates.  Working together collaboratively positively increases team performance and cultivates creativity.  By nature, huddle rooms encourage teamwork and communication.

Increased efficiency and Flexibility

Huddle rooms offer flexibility.  With companies and educational institutions increasingly investing in installing integrated technology into offices and clasrooms, it mitigates the need to schedule office space such as a board or conference room days, weeks or even a month in advance.  Also, conference rooms typically need to be left the way they were found, while huddle rooms provide a workspace that can be seamlessly vacated for multiple group usage.  Furthermore, if an issue or event requires immediate intervention or team discussion, they can hammer out the issues collaboratively in a huddle room.  With most huddle rooms equipped with tech to enhance communications, video or audio conferencing with remote colleagues or partners is literally within arm’s reach.

With the focus on large, fancy and expensive boardrooms giving way to the benefits of huddle rooms, we at Park Place Installations are proud of our reputation and ability to meet customer’s unique expectations.   As workflow, efficiency and creativity continue to drive positive results, huddle rooms have been used to create the future of work environments. 

Here at Park Place Installations in Buffalo NY, we have everything you need for huddle space installation. If you or your business, school or other establishment is interested in exploring state of the art huddle rooms, don’t hesitate to contact us at (716) 472-9904 To discuss options that fit your vision and needs.