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Have you noticed the increase in digital signage in Buffalo, NY? Places like Canalside, restaurants, museums, wherever you look, you’ll find some form of digital signage. Digital panels can be used for ads, menus, wayfinding, information display, exhibitions, just about anything. Because of the attractiveness, interaction, and ability to customize, many Buffalo stores and restaurants have incorporated digital signage into their business and marketing.

Interactive Engagement

As we continue to move more into the digital realm, signage has added special features such as touch screen, movement detection, and cameras, allowing customers to interact with the panel. Customers are more attracted to signage when they are able to interact with it. Interactive digital signage allows for 2 way communication, versus traditional signage, that could only be interpreted one way. Digital content generally displays on the panel in either text, video, image, or interactive interface. So whether it’s to display the price of gas at a gas station or to display a video ad for the new burger at your restaurant, there’s a new way to display your product or service.

Robust Display Advertising

The benefits of upgrading to digital signage go beyond aesthetics, allowing your business to advertise in a new way. Flyers, pamphlets, the phone book, and other old school forms of paper advertising have become a thing of the past. Anytime of the day, in any weather, indoors or outdoors, you can choose the message you want your customer to see. The bright LED lights can better catch the eye of your customer, a passerby, or anyone you want your message to be received by.

Ease of Change

Places with a lot of foot traffic, like schools, hospitals, shopping malls, or amusement parks have a lot to say, and there is a lot going on. When events or important dates pop up in these establishments, having digital signage allows you to change the message immediately, just about as easily as plugging in your device. Remember seeing the team of men taking down or putting up a billboard? It’s only a matter of time before you see all billboards in a digital form.

Whether you need to upgrade your menu display in your restaurant or install a powerpoint screen into your conference room, Park Place Installations in Buffalo NY is your one-stop destination for any of your digital needs.  Our regional reputation, expertise and substantial experience will allow you to focus on your vision without the hassle and frustration that can accompany an installation process.


Park Place Installations can help businesses incorporate digital signage in Buffalo, whether it’s a menu, a information display, or anything else. We can help your needs and can help improve your customers’ experiences. If you’re looking for a trustworthy company with an established reputation for excellence with the ability to install any form digital signage in Buffalo, don’t hesitate to contact Jay and his veteran technical team to discuss your vision at (716) 472-9904.